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's gloria borger, nbc's kelly o'donnell and the "chicago tribune's" clarence page. any establishment power this year is a force to behold and republicans who want to beat barack obama next time are studying up. anyone who wants the g.o.p. nomination has to get the tea party force without being a crackpot himself or herself. when richard nixon brought in the goldwater party, it was different. most disappointed right-wingers had lost in 1964. same thing when jimmy carter brought in the mcgovern crowd in 1976. they were in no position to put up a fight. not so the tea party. they'll be coming off a big win and on a roll. listen to minnesota governor tim plenty, not a tea party guy, trying to signed one. >> the federal government is a drug dealer trying to give out free samples, give people a free taste, get them addicted. and get your own house in order, by the way. chris: they're all trying to act the part, trying to be tea party types. will this work, the establishment-types echoing like tea party people? >> i think it's going to be very, very hard for these guys, particularly a tim polenty
is going to stay with us but we'll take a break. when we come back, gloria borger will join the conversation and we'll get the names straight, i promise. >>> but first a quick look using my friend the magic wall at why this state is so crucial. ♪ pennsylvania always a big important industrial state in our national politics and a critically important state this year, and the economy is the reason republicans at the moment are so optimistic about making gains. look at this, manufacturing jobs in the obama administration, 2009 to 2010, down. blue collar construction jobs the obama administration from january 2009 to now, down. modest gains in hospitality and leisure industries but the economy for the most part in pennsylvania struggling a bit and that has republicans optimistic, optimistic they can carry the state's big senate race, democrat joe sestak currently trails, toomey in the. ed rendell term limited, tom corbett running ahealed as we enter the final weeks of that contest as well and pennsylvania is critical. if republicans. get the 39 seats they need to take control
, national political correspondent jessica yellin and our senior political analyst gloria borger. let's begin with the president. because i want our viewers to hear a little bit more of the president. he was in ohio foopd he was very personal. calling out john boehner, the house republican leader, by name. he also made it personal to him. he recalled he was in ohio in the final days of his big election win in 2008. the president urging voters, if you were with me then, stay with me now. >> a lot has changed since i came here in those final days of the last election. but what hasn't changed is the choice facing this country. it's still fear versus hope. the past versus the future. it's still a choice between sliding backward and moving forward. that's what this election's about. that's the choice that you will face in november. >> the president says that's the choice you will face in november. but can he make this? can he make this the choice voters face in 2008? they are in a very, very different mood as we've found out the last few days on the road. >> this is the framing they've wanted to h
political analyst gloria borger who knows so much about this debate and ed henry who knows that while this is a touchstone, ed, of the president's entire election, there are reasons why democrats want to stay away from it. before that, ed, i want you to give me 30 seconds on news we're getting about rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff maybe leaving even sooner than expected. >> reporter: that's right. big news, ali. two sources close to rahm emanuel now telling cnn that there's a good chance he's going to leave, step down as early as october. to focus full-time to focus on running for mayor. the bottom line, he's all but in. he's got deadlines coming up to get some signatures and get on the ballot by the end of november. we're expecting he's going to move full-time that pretty soon. he's working on a lot of senate business for the president. once they leave the door before the election, he's likely to go. the other piece of information, we should point out "time" magazine reported this story and we're confirming and adding a layer of detail that i'm hearing a white house depu
, meet gloria borger, john king and jessica yellin also aboard the election express as we kick off our political season on cnn. ohio one of our political stops as always. things that matter to you are the same that matter to the folks in ohio. >> i just think ohio is a state that people look at because it has a huge mix in one state. >> i now hate poll techs. >> you're going to talk to different people and everyone's going to have different thoughts. >> hard for me to figure out because i grew up in a republican family the sarah palins is not part of what i want to be represented by. >> i live almost stopped following it all together because i think it's a load of crap. >> to see some republican candidates come out ahead, good, strong candidates and i think we'll have a good run for it in november. >> jobs need to be brought back to america. i don't see anything now, i've got a nice hat that says my boss is jesus and when i look inside and the label, it says "made in china." okay. where is "made in the usa" at? >> hmm. those are some of the folks we're going to be talking to throughout
's judge in just a moment. let's try to set the table for this. our senior political analyst gloria borger. robin wright. from boston, our senior analyst david gergen. wolf, to you first, we went through this together in the clinton administration. the u.s. president who got the closest to getting these two parties to put ink to paper and create a deal. this president now creating a long list of previous u.s. presidents in trying to get two leaders who are weak at the moment to sit down and do tough business. >> i've had discussion, as i know you have, with president clinton, he looks back on what was miss hg in that opportunity, at the tail end of his administration, when arafat and ehud barak, the then prime minister, was very close to a deal, and one of the problems was arafat didn't have the support he thought he needed from saudi arabia, from other arab countries like egypt and this time, president clinton, they are deliberately bringing in some other outside support to back up president abbas of the palestinian authority, to make sure he didn't feel isolated in making the kinds of to
and mary matalin from new orleans. here in washington, joe johns and gloria borger. james carville, let me start with you and tell me upfront we could interrupt you at any moment when the president takes the stage. you have run campaigns. you've seen the polling data. republicans are energized. part of the democratic issue is that the younger voters tend to check out in midterm elections. what's the challenge? >> well, the challenge is, you're right. the republicans are more energized than the democrats. the white house has calculate they need to do something. there's not much of a risk they're going to energize the republican or tea party people anymore. it would make some sense here. they close enthusiasm gap three, four points, they'll save a couple, three senate seats and save house seats. it's a reasonable calculation that they're making. there's not a lot of risk to it. >> not a whole lot of risk. can he get younger voters who tend to say this doesn't matter to me, it's not a presidential election? can he get them out to play this year? >> you know, it's got to be more effective than
analyst gloria borger joined me earlier. for tonight's 360 briefing. dana, we've seen a lot of back and forth support for o'donnell, republicans clearly not happy at first, even the senatorial committee last night putting out a very tepid congratulations to her. what have you heard from your sources? they appear to be now rallying around her. >> appear being the operative word. look, privately, nothing has changes. republicans who want to win that seat are still very unhappy that christine o'donnell won and that mike castle didn't. in the words of one source i talked to today, yesterday their polls showed that castle winning by 11 points and o'donnell losing by 11, and that has not changed today. however, and this is the big however, despite that, they understand that the most critical thing going forward to november is winning, not just in delaware, but across the country. and sources i talked to today said the last thing they realized this morning when they woke up, the last thing they need is to try to tamp down on some of that energy that they're seeing that they need to get out
correspondent is with us. eddy balsera, democratic strategist. gloria borger, and from new york, ed rollins. let's pick up where i left off with david plouffe. anif they missed the last segment, newt gingrich in "national review" online says this about president obama." what if obama is so outside our comprehensiounn only if you understand kenyan anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together his actions. that is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior. a few moments ago, i asked david plouffe, the architect of the obamcampaign in 2008, what point he thinks gingrich was trying to make, and he was not happy. >> well, you know, two words that come to mind are "sad" and "reprehensible." you know, i was working in congressgr when he was speaker d disagreed with just about everything that heu did. but you got the sense there was some principle involved. he's cpearly a very intelligent person. and to see him -- it makes me think, bthe way, he's probably pretty sure he's going to run for president. >> ed rollins, what is he doing? 30 years,own newt for and i've never quite figured
political analyst gloria borger. how about that lineup? >> in the meantime, we talked about earl, it did hit parts of the northeast. now, we have tropical storm hermine and it has south texas. 65-mile-an-hour winds slamming south padre island. >> parts of texas could get hit with a foot of rain enough for dangerous flooding. rob marciano tracking hermine in the extreme weather center. i would say, rob, hermine, she is mean, huh? >> yeah, exactly. this thing got flared up yesterday. good morning, guys, we're in prime time hurricane season. and the scary part thing about this time of year how quickly these things can develop pretty much out of nowhere. and near the gulf of mexico, that means they're close to landfall. that's what happened yesterday. tropical depression forming making landfall just south of brownsville, texas. right now, we've got winds of 50 miles an hour and it's well inland. so we have winds and rain and the potential for seeing tornadoes as well. usually the northeastern quadrant will spin the air. that's why the watch box has been issued until 1:00 this afternoon. s there
.com update. gloria borger at the desk in washington, d.c. welcome back. great to see you, gloria. what do you have crossing the ticker? >> great to see you. we should expect more news out of delaware today. congressman mike castle just told dana bash he's going to make his decision he said probably today. he's facing a deadline tomorrow on whether or not he's going to mount a run-in candidacy in the state of delaware but also said in the past he's always leaned towards not doing it. so we're going to see if he changes his mind. obviously, the democrat is running ahead of christine o'donnell in that state. lots of folks felt moderate republican castle would have had a better shot at getting joe biden's seat so we're all sort of on pins and needles to see what he's going to do. on the campaign trail there's someone else out there and i'm not talking about barack obama. i am talking about former president bill clinton. word today is that he's heading out west. the west is going to be a real challenge for democrats in 2010. they did very well in the west in 2008, but that has
express, which is in covington, kentucky. gloria borger is there, our senior political analyst, with the buckeye state right behind you, where you were earlier today. gloria, you were talking to a first-time -- a first-term democrat, who is now being challenged by the man he defeated last time around. tell us a bit about this. >> yeah, it's a little bit of a grudge match here, and steve dro drehouse came in the obama wave in 2008 and the man he beat is trying to get back his seat in the anti obama wave. and so it was interesting, because i talked to congressman drehouse, asked him about the tax cut question, which is, of course, topic a today, with the president's speech coming up. he's with the president on everything, on stimulus, on health care. but when you ask him specifically whether he supports a repeal of the tax cuts for wealthy, he is kind of hard to pin down. take a listen to this, ali. would you keep the tax cuts for the middle class and have the tax cuts for the wealthy? >> i'm going to support the middle class. i'm going support small business. >> how would you vo
monday. we will be reporting live from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. that will be me, gloria borger, jessica yellin and john king all aboard the cnn election express. pittsburgh to columbus, ohio, on tuesday. on wednesday, covington, kentucky. wrapping up on thursday in indianapolis, indiana. tune in all day and all week for our reports, next week as we kick off the political season heading towards the midterms again. cnn election express all next week. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you can't get enough of. now in a four pack. ♪ >>> good morning, atlanta, georgia. this is right outside of our door here at this cnn world headquarters. beautiful day here in atlanta. you see people already gathered down there in centennial olympic park, gathered because there is a big game happening. north carolina versus lsu. the georgia dome today kicking off really a big saturday for college football. a lot of folks excited. they'
with jessica yellin, john king, gloria borger and the people and races that are going to make a difference coming this mid-term election. we're going to go from pittsburgh, that's where we're starting on monday. tuesday, coming to you live from columbus. wednesday, covington, kentucky. thursday, indianapolis. so please, by all means, cook us a meal or two if we're coming to your town. we will see you. tune in to cnn all day as i and the others hit the road next week. >>> a story we've been teasing this morning a bit. out of sight, is that really out of mind? that's the idea at least behind an official proposal on the table right now in zurich. fences for keeping prostitution boxed in, actually these things are called sex walls. enclosed parking areas where prostitutes and clients can carry on their business away from the public. nadia bilchik, our editorial producer, is here with me. this had us scratching our heads. this is going forward, it is happening. >> proposal. in essence what officials in zurich are saying. we have a problem. i tell you why the problems are so much worse over the
election bus is on the road all week. jessica yellin and john king, gloria borger, t.j., dane bash are in covington, kentucky today. tomorrow the team will report from indianapolis. >>> house after house up in flames. firefighters battling 85 fires in p just a four-hour period. where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage, that would be awesome. sure, like that'll happen. don't just think about it -- spend 10 minutes at lendingtree and save up to $258 a month. i wabut i just my 5 employcan't afford it.ance, i have diabetes. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. i need my prescriptions. but it's getting harder to pay for them. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. not anymore. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at it's not just fair, it's the law. ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ the new cadillac srx. th
recallens is with us in new york and matthew doud and cnn political analyst, gloria borger. >> i want to show you this one number. we gave you the president's approval rating. i want everyone to take a look at this. has president obama met your expectations, yes, 32%, exceeded 9%, 56% of americans, 56% of americans, matthew doud, you polled for presidential campaign and a president, that's not just the republicans. if you're at 56% who thinks this president has not made the expectations, that's a wide swath. >> he has intensity among democrats, but he lost any republicans he started with, after his inauguration are gone. most of the independents shifted their way. when you're at 42% job approval rating, there's a lot of people who think you haven't met your expectations. >> joe klein, a lot of fascinating races in the west, you're in colorado today, what is driving it? i was looking at other numbers today. i don't want to overdwell on the polling. it tells you back in june, people started to get the sense, maybe the economy was going to get better. now that number is back down in the
bolster, and gloria borger. we have also james carville from new orleans, and jes s, to you n the ground, reports of returns moderately high. any word on the reports? >> well, i'm here on the christine o'donnell headquarters and they are jazzed because they are hearing that the turnout is high in the counties where she is and possibly lower in wilmington where she is probably going to get fewer votes than mike castle, but the castle campaign is also feeling confident, so it is too early to tell, but the bottom line is that establishment republicans believe that if christine o'donnell wins today, not only do they lose the senate seat, but that cold determine democratic control of to senate, and there is a lot riding on that in the republican world of delaware tonight, john. >> and just to the group, jess makes a great point, because i sat down mitch mcdonnell, the senator republican who was rattling off the seats they need and delaware was one of them. now, you have been backing the tea party campaigns and said that mike castle is too moderate for your taste, and i want you to listen to h
democratic strategist with us here as well. we have a journalist in the room. gloria borger. that makes me our senior political analyst. let's talk about what we heard from joe miller. you walked into the room saying thank you for him being so candid. he is candid. he's unapologetic. he says the deficit is so bad, the fiscal balance of the country is so off that he thinks if he comes to washington he's going to say for anybody in their 40s or 50s or 60s. don't worry. for something born tomorrow, maybe we should let the states decide if they should do something about it. >> that's outside our mainstream values. you know why social security and medicare are so popular? because they represent our values. we're not a country that lets old people and sick people fall through the cracks. i thank you for putting him on record saying he's faze out zz social security. it's going to be an issue for them in alaska. it points to how outside mainstream values he is. not only for america, but for alaska. >> and i think there's no question that most americans support the social security program. >> one o
figure, fun to talk to, always controversial. let's continue the rahm emanuel conversation. i have gloria borger, dana bash, and jessica yellin. the white house chief of staff, eight weeks away from a mid term election. kind of busy. but everybody who says rahm emanuel, will he run for mayor? joe referred to his statement. he said this. while mayor daley surprised me not to run for re-election, i have never been surprised by his leadership, dedication, and tireless work on behalf of the city of the people of chicago. and that's called playing it safe. >> if you your dream job came open and you had a chance to take it, would you? would you go for it? >> there are some openings with the red sox? >> i'm a pitcher, not a catcher. >> and he said a very long time ago on "the charlie rose show," if there is an opening i would want it. >> i will support him in reelection, if mayor daley doesn't, i would like to run for mayor for the city of chicago. that has always been an aspiration of mine, even when i was in the house of representatives. >> what's interesting, rahm emanuel has a lot of enemies
correspondent joe johns, and gloria borger and dana bash. and now, let's look at the word cloud technology and let's pop it oup and the screen here, and this is essentially if you take the transcript of the president's press conference and it highlights the word and how often he said it and the word you are struck by is going. the pres conference is to stress the achieves, but the president talked about the economy going to get better and plans to get the economy going, and going as opposed to what we have done for you. and another thing is that the president was asked a direct question, and he proposed infrastructure spending this week, and that is building roads and insfra strucinfrastructure stimulus, right? >> zhuszh. >> right. everything that we are trying to do is to stimulate growth and additional jobs in the growing economy. that is our entire agenda. so, i have no problem with people saying the president is trying to stimulate growth and hiring. isn't that what i should be doing? i would assume that is what the republicans think we should do to stimulate growth and jobs. >> if i g
, john king, gloria borger, dana bash on board. this is just stop one. just getting started. >> you spoke to a small business owner who doesn't want to add to his expenses. that's the same thing a lot of big businesses are doing, not hiring people just yet, controlling expenses and that's why we have these 15 million people looking for work. >> reporter: you're absolutely right about big businesses not doing that. that could help us bring the unemployment rate down. but what could help the people of pittsburgh is that guy, that small business owner up the street, if he would hire and employ more people than just him, his wife, his grandmother and his niece. that's what he is doing on a much smaller scale, but that one job, if he were to hire someone in this community. but you're right, these mom-and-pop shops, if they're not hiring, the big businesses aren't hiring either. same result. >> and those mom-and-pop shops are more responsible for hiring in this economy. we don't think about it that way. but the engine of growth in this country has always been small businesses. one of the things
with us to talk it over. gloria borger, roland martin. let's begin with christine o'donnell. she won last night. she gave a big speech. with not much sleep, she got up this morning, made the round of tv shows to say "don't count me out." >> they never thought that i could win this race and i believe that we can win without them. let me say that they also said that ronald reagan wasn't electable. >> ed rollins, you were among the doubters last night. you're among the doubters last night. you helped that guy, ronald reagan, get elected. >> i did. she's an unknown. obviously, delaware's a small state. if the party doesn't help her, she may get conservative money to at least run a decent campaign. at this point in time, you know, that race has been assumed to be ours. i don't ever believe they're ours until we win them. think we have to wait a little and see, two, three week, can she be a credible candidate? the probability is no. there are other places, like west virginia and other places, that three weeks ago we never thought was on the radar screen so -- >> a big point everybody around her
with who she is. >> gloria borger, dana bash, thank you. >>> democratic national committee shairm tim kaine says he's loving the gop turmoil. he told "the new york times," quote, republicans thought they were embracing the tea party and it turns into the donner party. despite democratic hopes of republican cannibalism, however, the enthusiasm of tea party supporters should worry democrats in november. joining me, eliot spitzer, former new york governor and co-host of "parker/spitzer." also republican consultant and political contributor alex castellanos, and dana lash, also the co-organizer of the st. louis tea party coalition. appreciate you all being with us. eliot, robert gibbs said, and i quote, that this shows there's a very vociferous debate going on in the republican party for the hearts and minds of the republican voters. is he right? >> of course he's right but he's the victim of that debate because the debate has created enthusiasm, energy, the tea party is take over the republican party in many states. in delaware, not so clear. but democrats are saying we're no longer setting th
you miss him -- >> no. >> james, we're back with james carville, mary matalin. gloria borger. james, should the democratic party adopt the strategy and go after the tea party? >> making a point he actually went more after the funding than the tea party members and he was going after the candidates but what he does that's very smart is, saying, well, activists out there trying to do something. you notice in the part that you showed, look, if they're candidates say something really dumb like the guy in alaska. although they're unconstitutional, he's now far from it. >> he doesn't want to make the tea party seem cooky. >> he says, i'm going to play it straight then he distorts everything. >> well, we did -- >> well, on the phone conversation -- >> we fact-checked what he said and what he said was mostly true, for example he said this about joe miller. unemployment is unconstitutional, we have the sound bite. >> the unemployment compensation, got it, first of all, it's not constitutional a authorized. i do not favor the extension. >> okay. that's pretty clear. >> are you concerned that
." and senior cnn political analyst gloria borger. amy goodman, i want to go to you first, because there is so much frustration among democrats outside of washington that we had a big election in 2006 that gave us control of congress, those democrats would say then we elected this president in 2008. why can't they do what we elected them to do? >> i mean this is a very important question. in fact, the one thing they did do today, james droga 9/11 act which will help firefighters, emergency workers, cops. james died in 2006. first police officer to have his illnesses tied to the toxic plume at 9/11. it's astounding that it took this long to pass, with all of the people who are suffering here in new york. and yet it was done almost entirely on partisan lines. the republicans didn't vote for the firefighters or the cop, the emergency workers, about, what, 15 of them. this is what it's come to. it is frightening. so much needs to be done to care for the people and every which way. and it's not happening right now. >> erik, wasn't you to come into the conversation, i want you to come into the conve
by gloria borger. i want to start with the democrats. paul, rahm emanuel is a friend of yours. rahm emanuel is polling already in chicago. he knows ethically it would be a bad deal to stay inside the white house once he makes the decision if he starts organizing a campaign. all signs are yes, you don't have any doubt? >> well, he hasn't said, at least not to me, finally, informally, but he's never made it a secret. the two great dreams of ram's life is to be speaker or to be mayor of chicago. i think he's served him quite well. who could possibly, you know, who could stay in the way of him saying, mr. president, i've served you as best i can, now i want to go -- >> if rahm emanuel may leave as early as next month, you also have people leaving on the economic team. peter orszag, the budget director, gone. larry summers, leaving. rahm emanuel possibly leaving soon. donna brazile, six weeks before an election, any impact on the workings of the white house and the political operation? >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not? >> absolutely not. it's not unusual for people to start looking for a way
. thanks very much. let's dig a little bit deeper right now with our senior political analyst gloria borger. she is also on the ground in ohio with the cnn election express. she's been talking to democratic voters trying to gauge their enthusiasm, whether they're really paying attention to these races that are out there. let's go to gloria right now. all right, gloria. what are you finding out as you speak to real voters in ohio? >> you know, wolf, i found out that while there are lots of democrats around here in columbus who are really willing to give this president the benefit of the doubt, they're willing to give him more time on the economy, when i talk to these democratic voters, it's clear that the white house and their candidates have a problem. so i did a little bit of jay leno, man on the street kind of thing, asking the question about what's the democratic message? take a listen to their answers. do the democrats have a clear message that's going to rally their base of supporters to get them out and vote in big numbers in this mid-term election? >> in a word or -- no. no they don'
analyst gloria borger in washington with the hour's latest headlines. i'm getting spoiled. you, jessica, paul, mark. >> so much fun. >> good fun for me. tell me what's crossing the wires. >> i thought i'd start with an economic issue for you because as you no he there's been lots of talk at the white house about naming elizabeth warren, who is a fierce consumer advocate as head of that new consumer financial protection agency. we have a new story on the wire here from ted barrett, our congressional producer, and ed henry whom you know, that in fact there's been talk that the white house might name her to the job as an interim head, which would mean that she wouldn't have to get confirmed by the senate. but today the chairman of the senate banking committee chris dodd said no way, don't do it that way. you need the institutional support for her and if you do it that way you, quote, could gut this before it even gets off the ground. back out on the campaign trail, you know we've got this hot race in delaware between an insurgent candidate and an incumbent congressman, mike castle. today o
is not attainable to a lot of us. >> bring in correspondent ed henry and our senior political analyst gloria borger to talk about all this. the president's approval what the president did yesterday taking questions from everyday americans. if you're out of work, i'd have tough questions for the president. gloria, start with you. what can the president do to get this back on track, especially when so many democrats are on the line? >> i was talking with some republicans yesterday doing house races, and they basically said, look, this mid-term election is bait. okay? people feel -- they don't feel any recovery. they're disappointed. the change that they've seen, a lot of voters are nervous about it. you mentioned before. you mentioned health care reform. the stimulus package. the bailout. people decided that they didn't like them, or they haven't seen the results from them yet. particularly health care reform. a lot of it's not going to kick in until 2014. so what the president can do is try and help out members of congress where he's still popular. he can raise a lot of money for democrats but, you
's bring in our senior white house correspondent, ed henry, and theio senior political analyst, gloria borger. for pryou. the president was low key today as he has been for the last couple of days. what's going on? >> they have john boehner back in a corner with some of the president's fiery speees last week on the tr this time he was in a smaller group in a back yard. maybe he didn't need to throw out as much red meat. but they feel good inside the white house for a first time in a long time. they feel they're in offense after playing so much defense. that's all because of what happened. if you play out over the last few days, friday's white house news conference, the president really underlini the message that the republicans should not hold the le class hostage by demanding that you also extend the tax cuts for the rich. at the same time you do them for the middle class. 48 hours later on sunday, jn boehner seemed to adopt the president's position by saying he's open to just moving forward on extending the middle class tax acut. they feel here at the white house that's because the sprint. the now network. >>> it is time now for a "cnn equals politics" update. right now, gloria borger and the cnn election express are in columbus, ohio, chasing down the hour's political headlines. what is crossing the ticker right now? >> reporter: first of all, topic "a," as you know, we're all talking about the 2010 elections. but republicans are really starting to focus on 2012. and guess where they're all going? to iowa. you have newt gingrich headed there on thursday. sarah palin is there next week. and mitt romney is going to be there in the fall and he's going to be talking about 25 congressional candidates that he's going to be stomping for throughout the midterm elections. topic "b," as you know, this has not been a great summer for congressional democrats. so what are republicans going to do? they are trying to remind you of it. and now the republican senatorial has a campaign out on that topic, talking about unemployment numbers, the stimulus program, the possibility of a double-dip recession. just for some added footage, they've added in the president's trip to martha's
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congressional correspondent dana bash, jessica yellin and senior political analyst gloria borger. >> got everyone covered. >> sounds like a band. new this morning a critical piece of evidence in the bp oil spill has been raised to the surface. the government confiscates this. the failed blowout preventer handed to the fed. bp will drill the last remaining part of the relief well and execute the bottom kill which will seal the ruptured well for good. >>> he moved next door to sarah palin to try to get the soon for his palin biography. he's now packing up and leaving wasilla. the family extended a fence around their property so he couldn't see into their backyard. >> they called him the creepy guy, right? it is kind of creepy. 6:11. we'll check in with morning headlines with reynolds wolf happen tell me it will be a perfect labor day. >> for much of the nation it's okay. there's a couple of trouble spots. there's a new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico, this is are tropical storm herme. the winds are at 40 miles per hour. gusting stronger. the latest with this storm in terms of its path
senior political analyst, gloria borger. so what's happening here, gloria, to the gop? >> i would have to say this is not a great year for having a great resume, a long political resume. in 2008, when republicans were recruiting their candidates, they were trying to prove they had a political pulse after barack obama won. so what did they do? they recruited a lot of establishment, well-known republican candidates. they were feeling very good about the incumbents for re-election. take a look at this, bob bennett of utah who was beaten by a tea party candidate, mike lee in a state republican convention, lisa murkowski just lost in alaska to another tea party candidate. trey grayson from kentucky was beaten by rand paul, of course, and we've got governor charlie crist of florida afraid of being beaten in a republican primary by marco rubio. he switched parties and became an independent. >> we're going to get results pretty soon that would have potentially national ramifications. >> absolutely. lots of folks are saying that those voters in delaware can determine whether republicans are goi
malveaux with that breaking news, thank you very much. let's go in depth with our political analyst gloria borger. three members of the senior economic team gone or about to be gone, and is this an opportunity for the president, gloria? >> well, in a way, it is -- first of all, wolf, it is to be expected. you know, you have covered the white house and i know folks s the white house and these jobs are a burn-out job. and you can measure a year in the white house in dog years so it is not a surprise that larry summers is leaving. but as suzanne said, he did clash with a lot of folks. he was a forceful personality, but it is an opportunity in a way for the white house. i clearly think they see it that way which is a way for them to integrate new policy, new economic policy, as they head into the next two years. even into the midterm election with the person that they are going to choose to replace larry summers. we don't know who that is yet, but i would not be surprised with its new economic team if the white house is trying to send a signal to the american public that they are listening to
that and more, senior political analyst, david gergen and gloria borger. are all republicans happy that karl rove is back? >> lots of those running for election are happy that karl rove is back. some of the tea party activists are not thrilled with him because he said that christine o'donnell and the state of delaware was unelectable. he was unhappy because he felt she could cost them control of the senate. but there are lots of republicans here who feel that the republican national committee is not doing some of the things that it needs be doing. and that they're thrilled with karl rove along with ed gillespie and former bush advisor are raising something like $32 million to help do things like get out the vote and run some attack ads in districts in which they feel they can really make a difference. >> david, can karl rove mastermind another republican political victory on november 2? >> i don't think he'll mastermind it, wolf. you know, there's a wave in this country that neither karl rove nor anyone else will control. but he can make a difference in some individual races. he already is.
chief national correspondent john king, the host of john king, usa. and gloria borger and our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. if he leaves by friday, that's soon. who replaces him? >> in the short term, you're likely to see pete rouse, a behind-the-scenes player. has the president's trust. he was the chief of staff. the big question is long term, what do you do? love him or hate him, rahm emmanuel is unique and a hard person to replace. he had the white house piece from the clinton days. he had the congressional piece. he worked the media. he knew how to get the message out. not a lot of people can do that. three big factors, the election, a lot of people around town saying the democrats do take a drumming, you need a shrewd bipartisan figure. erskine bowles did that for bill clinton. the second big issue is the president's level. get a brawler in there, take the republicans on. the problem is this is not someone in the obama inner circle. does he have a comfort level. other shuffling going around. jim jones likely to leave his national security advisor. tom donnell is no
deeper with our senior political analyst gloria borger. only yesterday some top national republican leaders were saying that if she won, she could forget about getting money from the national republican party. today they're playing a different tune. >> today they pledged her $42,000 from the republican committee and that's all they're allowed to give her. now there's a little bit of acceptance, okay, she's our candidate, but i sat down today with a top republican senate strategist who said, look, we're pragmatic here, all we care about is viability, all we want to do is win back control of the senate so. if down the road o'donnell looks like a viable candidate which to them means that she's within single digits of her opponent, then they'll reassess and they might just give her some money because they want to get this seat. they have got a point coming up where they can give some coordinated campaign money, $180,000 max, and then down the road, those independent expenditures which help fund campaign ads. he didn't rule it out, but i wouldn't hold my breath because they believe she's
want to bring in our senior political analyst, gloria borger. you were watching this, you were listening to this, give us a sense of the response? how did the crowd respond to her message? >> she was clearly well receive received as you saw. and today's event not only just o'donnell, but all of the speakers were embracing the tea party themes that we've heard so much about the campaign season already. ant anti-big government, anti-health care. anti-any kind of bailout. but the thing that was interesting about what we just heard from o'donnell was this class warfare argument. the us versus them which we hear a lot from sarah palin. >> sure. >> theouith anti-americanism o so class. not as if the cultural issues have disappeared. at the values summit, they're still there. a lot of talk of don't ask, don't tell. they've been supplanted at this point by the tea party themes of anti-big government and us versus the elites in washington. >> i'm curious as to how you think the republican contenders, potentially for 2012, are shaping their own message. i want you to take a listen to mit
analysts and gloria borger. he wasn't able to get them in the polls in new jersey. he wasn't able to get them to the polls in virginia, or massachusetts. how is the president going to convince people do this one for me again. >> he says please. please come out and vote. it's interesting because i think the white house is trying to do two different things. on the one hand, you talk to political trat gist, and they say these are hand-to-hand combat races, local races, local issues. it's not going to be a referendum on barack obama but they are turning it into a referendum on barack obama because they probably believe he is the only one who can get these people out to vote. he has to give them a reason, candy. he has to give them a message. we were out in ohio and we interviewed democratic voters. you ask what's the message of this midterm election from the democrats, and they had no idea. so what the president is going to do is try and use this tax cut issue as a message and say, we want to make the tax cuts for the middle class permanent and the republicans are going to try to hold that h
%. that's down from 50% early this month. let's bring in senior political analyst gloria borger and david gergen. gloria, right now, 42% approve of the way the president's handling the job. 54 disapprove. on december 1 and 2, 42% approved, 49% disapprove. it's going in the wrong direction for the president. >> it is going in the wrong direction. if you go back to history, you look at figures for bill clinton right around the midterm election, the disastrous midterm election in 1994 when he lost control of the congress. and his approval rating was exactly the same. it was 42%. if this midterm election is a referendum on barack obama, it's going to be a lot of trouble for the democrats. >> you worked for bill clinton at the time, david. do you see a similar disaster on november 2 for barack obama that happened to bill clinton and the democrats back in '94? >> wolf, this poll certainly suggests that may be shaping up. it's almost relief -- bad news for the president and his team. what i find most surprising about the poll is 37% of people in the cnn poll say they would support a candidate ap
and serious doubts over where the president's strategy can you can seed. joined by david gergen and gloria borger. one of the things we're learning is the president's advice was rejected by the military but he overruled them. >> it was astonishing to me. you know more about this than i would because you've been in the white house. the president had to write his own memo, his own six-page memo, put it on the table. and say, okay, guys, is this clear enough for you? because he wasn't hearing what he wanted to hear from his advisors or the military. this is a president -- i spoke with lots of folks inside the white house who were in these afghanistan reviews. they made it clear to me -- this was a president very concerned about mission creep. wanted to learn the lessons from vietnam. didn't want his generals to dictate either the timing or the size of his policies. and the troops. he had to write it down himself. it's extraordinary. >> never seen a president do that, six-page memo saying here's the policy. you sell it to the level below you. here's the general direction, write it up, i'll app
. we will get more on this with our senior political analyst gloria borger and john king who is the host of "john king usa" which begins at the top of the next hour and our chief correspondent candy crowley who is host of "state of the union" which airs sundays at 9:00 a.m. eastern. gloria, a lot of white house departures and looks like a new chief of staff as ed reported. pete rouse, and there is a picture of him sitting with the president that was released by the white house, and that sort of confirmation that he has the job. >> right. yaet, he does have the job, and you know, if rahm emanuel is kind of an outside guy, who did not know h-- who did know how t with congress because he was prominently and go on the sunday shows, et cetera, and pete rouse is a inside guy. he is a consummate insider and he was tom daschle's chief of staff for many years and he is somebody who knows the hill very well and he was barack obama's chief of staff and then came over to the campaign. he was co-chairman of the transition, and talking to people inside of the white house, they see pete rou
. as you know, the election express bus is on the road. we have john king, gloria borger, we are just getting started here, but a full week as we kickoff this campaign season. >> t.j., i was just listening to the comments from the voters you were talking to out there. did anybody talk about any issue besides the economy or was it just the economy? it sounds like people are really focused on that issue this year. >> reporter: no, the economy will certainly be the number one thing you'll hear about. but certainly there's a little sprinkle of other things in there as well, including, yes, in fact, the mosque in new york, the proposed islamic center and mosque. you heard people talking about the issue and some people think president obama is a muslim. you have people talking about health care, afghanistan and ike. all the things are in there as you expect, but the first thing is going to be the economy. let me leave you with this note, when i started asking people about the biggest concern they have, it was the pittsburgh steelers' quarterback situation. ben roth police beggar is out for
back and governing the house of representatives. let's talk with gloria borger. this this is like the 1994 contract with america, we heard dana bash. how important is it to the republicans? >> i met with some senior republican house strategists today. it's important because you have to tell people what you're going to do. it's different from 1994, wolf. in 1994, the republicans had health control for 40 years in the house. they had to remind people, this is what we stand for. right now, they feel that they have a terrific issue set already out there. the stills will package, they can talk about that. the health care policies, they can talk about that. so they consider this to be more of a governing document, if you will, than a campaign document. they believe, look, it's fine for us to do it, but we don't all need to tie ourselves to the establishment in washington, our candidates are just fine on their own. happy to have it. don't need it. >> what other republicans target of opportunity in the house? >> i spoke to them today. they divided it to three groups. freshmen and sophomor
-- >> thank you. >> governor. governor. >> i'm astonished frankly. >> and let's talk about this with gloria borger and john king who is the host of "john king usa" which begins at the top of the hour. how big of a mistake for the incumbent? >> well, it was painful to watch. it was a complete meltdown or the answer or lack of an answer in the introductory remarks. look, she is 20 points ahead in the polls. it won't kill the kanld si,acy what is worse is the second clip which is the inability to defend something where she said there were beheadings. you have to have an answer for those questions, and either say, i said it and i stand by it or i was misinformed. >> what are you reading out in arizona? >> well, the democrats say it is a potential opening, but not a huge one. she has been comfortably ahead in all of the statewide polling, be few the state is tuning in and we are in the final stretch of nine weeks to election day, and they saw that, all of us who do television to have empathy for the governor, but as a politician, you have to rehearse, because they tell you when you are ahead lik
. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> joining us now our cnn senior political analyst david gergen and gloria borger. when the president is blaming the republicans on the economy, the state of the economy, president bush, when does that stop? i mean, is there a statute of limitations? when does it end? he says you know what? i'm now responsible for moving forward at this point. >> right. i think it's getting close. i think when you talk to folks at the white house they'll say to me, look. he's not blaming him anymore. he's kind of reminding people how deep we were in this ditch and how it's going to take a long time to get out of it. so what he's essentially doing is asking people to be patient and remember that it was ten years building this economic disaster we've been in so it is going to take a bit of time to get out. and remind people that the republicans as the president would say would want to do more of the same old same old that got us into the problem we're in right now. >> david, what do you think? i mean, do you think that after the mid-term elections there is the possibility that
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